Zygarde Core Is ‘Squishy’ In The Pokemon ‘XY & Z’ Anime: Will It Be A Starter?

Zygarde Core Is 'Squishy' In The Pokemon 'XY & Z' Anime: Will It Be A Starter?

Zygarde Core Is 'Squishy' In The Pokemon 'XY & Z' Anime: Will It Be A Starter?

We now know the first form of Zygarde as its Core, but in the upcoming Pokemon “XY & Z” anime, it may be known by another name.
Recently, Serebii announced the second episode title of “XY & Z,” which is set to premiere at the end of this month, along with an episode description. According to this, the Zygarde Core that Ash and friends encounter will be known by a nickname.

“In this episode, Ash and friends continue to travel to Snowbelle City with their new friend Squishy (Zygarde Core), when a wild Quilladin appears,” reads the episode description.
According to the episode description for the premiere of the new series, Ash encounters Squishy prior to entering Snowbelle City. Many are suspecting it will take place in the Terminus Cave .
“Aiming to enter the Kalos League, Ash and his friends continue their journey towards Snowbelle City, where the last Gym is located,” reads the premiere episode description.
“While taking a break, the group encounters a mysterious, squishy Pokemon that’s not listed in the Pokedex!? As Ash and the others get excited that it might be an entirely new Pokemon species, a mysterious group of people suddenly attack them.”
With its many Formes, there is also a rising theory that any sequel to “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y”-presumably named “Pokemon Z”-will feature it as a starter Pokemon.
“It is very common for legendary Pokémon to receive new Formes, but this time we have two  weaker  ones in addition to one stronger one,” conjured PokeJungle. “This is highly unusual and no doubt plays a large role in the upcoming installment finishing Generation VI on the Nintendo 3DS.”

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