Zion.T Revealed His Wish To Gain Weight On ‘Radio Star’

Zion.T Revealed His Wish To Gain Weight On 'Radio Star'

Zion.T Revealed His Wish To Gain Weight On 'Radio Star'

Zion.T just made his appearance as a guest on MBC’s “Radio Star” and he shared his wish to gain more weight. He revealed that he wanted to go over 60 kilograms because he had never had the experience in the past. When Zion.T revealed his wish to gain weight, he added people’s assumption about the same proportion of food appetite and sexual desires. Then, the MCs responded that it was not necessarily true and Zion.T agreed to that, AllKpop  reported.
Zion.T’s statements have made everyone on “Radio Star” burst into laughter because he was honest telling what was in his mind. If Zion.T really tries to gain weight, it will be something new for fans to watch and they might be surprised with his new look. Meanwhile, the R&B singer Zion.T just made a comeback with a new album “OO” featuring G-Dragon and Beenzino. The songs are “Movie Theater,” “The Song,” “Sorry,” “Comedian,” “Bad Guys,” “Complex” (feat. G-Dragon), and “Wind [2015].” After the release, the title track “The Song” received #1 on seven eight major music charts, while the song “Complex” featuring G-Dragon received #1 on Olleh, Soompi  reported. The song “Complex” also topped iTunes charts in Vietnam and Macao and he thanked G-Dragon for his international success, AllKpop  reported. After the release of his new album “OO” in February, Zion.T made an appearance as a guest on MBC’s “I Live Alone.” On the show, Zion.T showed his hard work daily life to produce music, especially “Sorry,” which was part of his new album, AllKpop  reported. On “I Live Alone,” Zion.T was a perfectionist about his music and he kept on repeating recording to get the best version of the vocals. It shows how dedicated Zion.T with his work and it was no surprise that his song topped several music charts. Zion.T’s appearance on a variety show has been really good and his fans enjoyed the show really well. His fans also hope to see Zion.T more on other variety shows to reveal more of his personality. Read Next: ARMYs Demanded Hyung Eun To Apologize Properly To BTS Before Leaving BULLDOK

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