Zhoumi Reveals ‘What’s Your Number?’ Music Teaser

Zhoumi  has revealed the music video teaser for ‘ What’s Your Number? ‘. The track will be part of his  2nd mini album  which will be released on  July 19th, 2016 , along with the music video. The teaser is very bright and full of vibrant colors. Fans are able to get a sneak peek into the type of song ‘ What’s Your Number? ‘ is. From that short snippet, the song is seen to be very upbeat and blends well with the use of bright colours. On top of that, the teaser cleverly uses telephones to help emphasize the use of phone numbers.
Zhoumi  can be all joyful and cute when he calls the girl in the phone booth or trying to find the girl’s number. Not only were fans given the instrumental parts of the piece, fans were also given a sneak peek into some of the lyrics.  ‘Girl, What’s Your Number? ‘ was sang and fitted well with the teaser where the singer adorably gave his number to the lead girl in the teaser. Watch the teaser below:    

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