Young B Of ‘School Rapper’s’ Reported To Experience Underage Drinking, Smoking, Theft And Violence?

Young B Of 'School Rapper's' Reported To Experience Underage Drinking

Young B Of 'School Rapper's' Reported To Experience Underage Drinking, Smoking, Theft And Violence?

Another one from the hit Korean talent show, “School Rapper”, is in the headlines, due to the contestant’s behavior. Wang Hong Won, who is better known as Young B, is reported to have been into drinking, smoking, and theft, despite his young age. He has also been known to be a violent student in school. According to Yibada , the peers of Young B back lashed against him, as they had together spoken out about the bad behavior of the young contestant in school.
What his peers stated in one of their statements is that Young B had problems with his behavior in school, saying that he was a bully and one of the thugs in school. Young B is said to have been known to be a bully in school. His peers further added that Young B was always reprimanded for his disciplinary issues in school. Because of this, he is always on the top-list of closely monitored students in school. According to All KPop , Young B also has a history of stealing other students’ things. If the students refused, he would threaten them and physically hurt them. To support the claims, an Instagram photo has also surfaced that shows him with a beer and a pack of cigarettes on his side. He was then lying on the table. After all of this reports spread like wildfire, Young B hurriedly made his Instagram a private one. But then again, all of it has happened, and there is no way back from reverting all of the spread reports and photos of his true personality. He is also reported to have a very rude behavior to his mother, who was once an MBC announcer. He sure needs some to do some serious explaining. Hopefully, he still finds a way to regain his reputation and use his talent for the good.

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