Yoon Jong Shin Sends Love To Fans During Trying Times With Heartfelt Music Video ‘Anyway It’s Christmas’

On December 18th,  Yoon Jong Shin  released the December music video for his monthly project, ‘ Anyway It’s Christmas .’ The song was a unique release in the fact that it addressed many events that have happened in Korea this past year. The events include: the protests calling for the South Korean president’s impeachment, the Sewol Ferry incident, the Gangnam murder case,  and the death of farmer  Baek Nam-gi . This isn’t the first time the singer has addressed current events in South Korea. The artist was recently present at the protests in  Gwanghawamun Square  with his wife. He posted on his official  Instagram  with the caption, ” It’s not the matter of progressive or conservative, right or left. It’s about good or evil .”
The music video itself is a beautiful animation which goes well with Yoon Jong Shin’s strong, soothing vocals. The song encourages listeners to hope for a better future despite the ” days we all shouted against unbearable things we can’t forgive .” Yoon Jong Shin stated that when releasing the song, ” I wish this song to remind people of this winter, the winter of 2016 when we all gathered to light up our candles and to raise our voices .” During this winter season, if you’re ever in need of a pick me up just take a listen to this song. Check out the music video below:    

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