YG Posted Both Kang Sung Hoon’s And Nam Joo Hyuk’s Pictures To Celebrate Their Birthdays

YG Posted Both Kang Sung Hoon's And Nam Joo Hyuk's Pictures To Celebrate Their Birthdays

YG Posted Both Kang Sung Hoon's And Nam Joo Hyuk's Pictures To Celebrate Their Birthdays

YG Entertainment has done some expansion by having actors and actresses for their label. They have got many great celebrities to work with. Recently, YG Entertainment celebrated birthdays for both Kang Sung Hoon and Nam Joo Hyuk. Expanding the range, some actresses that join YG Entertainment are Lee Jong Suk, Kang Hee Ae, Bae Jung Nam, Gong Hye Sun, Stephanie Lee, Bae Jung Nam, and many more. The actors and actresses are talented and they are great assets for the company. YG Entertainment is known to give attention to the artists. Previously, even though Minzy was on hiatus, the agency still celebrated her birthday by congratulating her. Even though some fans were mad at the company for not promoting her that much, but the company still did the best it could.

According to AllKpop , on Feb. 22, the company celebrated both Kang Sung Hoon and Nam Joo Hyuk by posting photos of them both. Kang Sung Hoon is 37 years old and Nam Joo Hyuk is 23 years old this year. The company wished the best for them both. Nam Joo Hyuk has got so much attention lately with “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.” His acting has grown much and he lived up the character well. Many people praised him for his nice acting. Yet, the actor stayed humble by saying still lacking as the main lead, according to Soompi . Previously, the actor was being supporting roles for two dramas “Cheese in the Trap” and “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.” Kang Sung Hoon has been known for its popularity by being a member of Sechskies. Last year, the group made a comeback after being disbanded 16 years ago. Their new digital single topped 8 major charts after its release. It even got the position among the top for some music charts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. With the birthdays of Kang Sung Hoon and Nam Joo Hyuk, fans hope for their successes in the future.

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