YG Boss Yang Hyun Suk Approves Of Nam Tae Hyun’s Single ‘Hug Me,’ Promotes Former WINNER Vocalist’s Song On Instagram

YG Boss Yang Hyun Suk Approves Of Nam Tae Hyun's Single 'Hug Me

YG Boss Yang Hyun Suk Approves Of Nam Tae Hyun's Single 'Hug Me,' Promotes Former WINNER Vocalist's Song On Instagram

Contrary to speculations that former WINNER main vocalist Nam Tae Hyun and YG Entertainment parted ways on a sour note last year, it seems that the label and its former artist really did part amicably. YG Entertainment boss Yang Hyun Suk recently showed his support by endorsing Nam Tae Hyun’s latest single “Hug Me” on his Instagram account. According to Yang Hyun Suk’s post , which showed that he was listening to a stream of Nam Tae Hyun’s latest single with his new band South Club, he was very impressed with the melancholic track which featured the former WINNER member’s on point vocals and the band’s unique sound. By using the hashtags #NamTaeHyun #southclub #HUGME #NEWSINGLE #OUTNOW and #checkthisout, the YG boss showed that even with the artist leaving the label, they remain supportive of his projects.
It can be recalled that after Nam Tae Hyun’s departure from WINNER last year due to mental health issues caused by stress, he received many negative backlashes from fans who were disappointed at his decision to leave the YG-managed group. The bashing grew worse when he announced that he was starting his own label South Buyers’ Club to produce new music with his new group, the South Club. Nam Tae Hyun brushed off the negative comments and told his bashers that his new music would speak for itself. He also urged rumor mongers to stop making baseless speculations about his departure from WINNER, All Kpop  reported. “There are a lot of speculations but they are only speculations,” Nam Tae Hyun said about the rumors. “I left after making a good compromise. We just had different paths to walk.” With Yang Hyun Suk’s recent show of support for Nam Tae Hyun, bashers may have to take a moment before using an alleged conflict between the artist and his former label as ammunition in future attacks. South Club released their first single “Hug Me” last May 26.

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