Yesung, “I Wanted to Impress My First Love So I Got 1st Place at Singing Competition and Gave Her My Prize”


Super Junior Yesung revealed his story behind his first love.

On July 30 broadcast of Mnet ” Beatles Code 2,” Super Junior made their guest appearance on the show.

On this day, Yesung talked about his first love.

Yesung stated, “I went on a school trip in 7th grade.

When I got on the bus, a really pretty girl caught my attention.

It was the first time I felt the feelings of ‘She’s so pretty’ and ‘I want to meet her again’.

I was never a student that liked to be in front of people, and I had never sung before.” He continued, “But just to impress that girl, I went out on a singing contest for the first time.

I got 1st place there so I received snacks, but I asked a friend to give my prize to that girl.” Thus his first love was the starting point of Yesung becoming a singer.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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