Xiaomi Mi4 Review: Chinese Brand’s Flagship Will Soon Be Available In More Markets, May Finally Overtake Samsung In Android World

For Android lovers, the Xiaomi Mi4 is considered one of the best gifts they would receive this holiday season.  Announced in August, the Xiaomi Mi4 is one of the finest Android smartphones to be introduced this year.

The Chinese branded smartphone follows on the huge success of the Mi3 which has made a name for the startup phone maker. 

Some of the specs of the Mi4 include a 5-inch display, Snapdragon 801 chipset, 3GB RAM, a 13MP primary camera, 8MP front shooter, and some options for either a 16GB or 64GB built-in storage.  Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi4 is only available in China for now.  Meanwhile, the Mi3 has just gone live in some Asian markets such as India, the Philippines and other countries in Asia.

That could mean that the Mi4 is still months away from a release date in the international market.  However, the Chinese brand could expand in more markets starting next year.

Now that Xiaomi is the top phone maker in China, it would definitely start looking elsewhere – some other market to dominate.  The nearest markets in China would surely be the initial targets of Xiaomi.  Some markets include South Asia, Southeast Asia, and even those markets near Japan and Korea.  The Xiaomi Mi4 is undeniably a high-end smartphone, but its main selling point is its very cheap price.

At only around $320 for the 16GB version, that price is almost half the price of other flagships which boast similar specs.

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