X-Files Revival News: Is Fox Mulder No Longer With The FBI?

X-Files Revival News:  Is Fox Mulder No Longer With The FBI?

X-Files Revival News:  Is Fox Mulder No Longer With The FBI?

X-Files Reboot News: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny celebrated their reunion with a kiss on “The X-Files” set.
David Duchovny, 54, and Gillian Anderson, 46, are taking on the roles that made them cultural icons in the 90s in the upcoming X-Files revival.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson played Agents Fox “Spooky” Mulder and Dana Scully: A renowned profiler and a medical scientist who are going through old X-Files folders looking for aliens, monsters, cults, vampires and devil wosrhippers.
The X Files revival began filming in Vancouver this week.
“And so it begins,” Anderson tweeted.
“Hello Vancouver ? Mulder? Here I come…” Duchovny tweeted from the plane on the way to “The X-Files” set.
Duchovny took to Twitter to make ham sandwich puns.
Gillian Anderson recently dyed her hair red, maybe not a little too red, to get back to the classic Dana Scully look. While Anderson was dressed in the “unimaginative” FBI outfit, Duchovny, was in Jeans. Is Fox Mulder no longer with the FBI?
The X-Files Creator Chris Carter will be the executive producer of the X-Files revival. Carter will also write and direct at least one of the episodes.  Dana Scully is the scientific counterpart sent to guard the FBI from their upstart genius profiler Agent Fox “Spooky” Mulder. An agent locked in the basement working on cold case X-Files under a sign that reads “I Want To Believe.”
Anderson and David Duchovny will be joined by Mitch Pileggi who returns as their boss, Superintendent Walter Skinner and their nemesis/biggest fan The Smoking Man (or The Cigarette Smoking Man) played by William B. Davis. Joel McHale is new on the series and will play a conservative news anchor. Since The X-Files ended its run, Pileggi has been on the shows “Stargate,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Sons of Anarchy.”
The new X-Files revival miniseries returns after 13 years of rumors. The “X-Files” will return to Fox with a six-episode mini-series premiering in January 2016.

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