‘X-Files’ Reboot Spoilers: Mulder And Scully’s Elusive Love Scene Confirmed, The Cold Open And The Lone Gunmen!

'X-Files' Reboot Spoilers: Mulder And Scully's Elusive Love Scene Confirmed
'X-Files' Reboot Spoilers: Mulder And Scully's Elusive Love Scene Confirmed

As the confirmed “X-Files” reboot set to begin filming in June, creator Chris Carter has revealed some very interesting spoilers to the Vancouver Sun .

While Mulder and Scully will return in six episodes, the status of their relationship has been a mystery to fans for some time.

According to spoilers provided by Carter, this will be addressed in the “X-Files” reboot.

“It was part of the mystery of ‘The X-Files,'” said Carter regarding why the pair never consummated their relationship on-screen.

“That relationship was kind of mysterious.

Did they get together? Didn’t they get together? If they’ve got a child together, when did they get together? These are questions that we will deal with and answer in good time.” In addition, spoilers also confirm that while Mulder and Scully will still be a couple, “When we come back we will find that [their] relationship is not where we left it.” However, some “X-Files” traditions will be coming back, including the Lone Gunmen, who has “a big chance” of returning alongside Mulder, Scully, Skinner and The Smoking Man.

Plus, there’s the famous cold open.

“We had to get a special dispensation to do a teaser, a little two or three-minute segment in the beginning that sets up the show,” said Carter.

“They had done away with that approach on Fox, so they allowed us to go back to, I would call it, old-style.” During an interview with CBC , Carter spoke on returning to Vancouver to shoot “The X-Files” reboot.

“Vancouver is actually the perfect place to make a show like the ‘X-Files,'” said Carter.

“It gives you what I call free atmosphere.

The funny thing is, we’re coming back now, and we’ll be shooting all summer long.

And being so far north, we’re not going to have as much darkness as we like, to shoot the moodier stuff we want to shoot.”    

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