‘Wonder Girls’ Unveil Next Plan After Disbanding, Reveals Truth Behind ‘Draw Me’ Song

'Wonder Girls' Unveil Next Plan After Disbanding

'Wonder Girls' Unveil Next Plan After Disbanding, Reveals Truth Behind 'Draw Me' Song

Wonder Girls had a whirlwind of a decade as they had reached the pinnacle of success in the K-pop industry. However, the girl group just confirmed that they will be disbanding last month. Despite it being very sad news, especially for the avid fans and supporters of the group, Wonder Girls still opted to release their final single entitled, “Draw Me”. The song is a different one as it features a more sentimental and mellow tune. According to The Bit Bag , Yeeun and Yubin were the composers of the song. The song is also a very meaningful one as it told the story of how the group began from nothing, and now turning into one of the faces of the K-pop industry all over the globe.
Despite it not having its own music video, it still succeeds in the South Korean charts, proof that there are still a lot of people who love them despite the confirmation of their breakup. Ever since the group came to be, Wonder Girls have had experienced a series of member changes. The last and final lineup includes Yeeun, Hyelim, Yubin and Sunmi. According to Asia Star z, Yubin and Hyerim have just renewed their professional contract with JYP Entertainment. What this means is that the two is most likely to pursue a solo music career. It might also be that they will venture into acting and MCing. On the other hand, Yeeun has just left JYP Entertainment and is processing up her transfer to Amoeba Culture. With this, she would also most probably pursue a solo career. Sunmi also didn’t renew her contract with JYP Entertainment, which leads many to conclude that she will lead a solo career. Reports are now suggesting that she would most likely join MakeUs Entertainment, together with Urban Zakapa.  With all of these being said, fans really don’t need to worry because they will still hear and see their Wonder Girls idol in various songs, performances and music videos.

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