WINNER’s Mino’s Neck Injury Won’t Affect The Group’s Comeback, Says YG Entertainment

WINNER's Mino's Neck Injury Won't Affect The Group's Comeback

WINNER's Mino's Neck Injury Won't Affect The Group's Comeback, Says YG Entertainment

WINNER’s Mino has sustained an injury to his neck. Will the K-pop idol’s injury affect the group’s promotions? “Mino’s injury is not very serious so the comeback schedule will not be affected,” said YG Entertainment. According to Koreaboo , this is in response to the fans who expressed their worries about his neck injury affecting WINNER’s comeback. The K-pop idol was hospitalized recently after complaining of the pain on his neck. Mino was in the hospital for a while and has been receiving physical therapy.
According to YG Entertainment’s statement, it has also been revealed that Mino is currently working with his WINNER brothers for their upcoming comeback. However, the K-pop idol is wearing a neck brace until he is fully recovered, as per instructions from the doctors. With regards to their upcoming return, WINNER has been teasing the fans as they release teaser clips and images for the past few weeks. On Mar. 16, the group has released a teaser image for “Fate Number For.” The teaser image featured WINNER members’ multiple clones wearing black suits, scattered everywhere in the photos. The image of member Taehyun, however, cannot be seen as he formally left the group in November 2016. The next WINNER teaser was released on Monday, Mar. 27. The teaser was a minute-long video clip of the members that excited the fans as it showed Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino, and Seungyoon. The next teaser WINNER released was for their title track “Really Really.” Released on Mar. 28, the photo was in black and white and members posed candidly wearing suits. The teaser image was for their second title track “Fool.” According to All Kpop, WINNER’s second title track is composed and written by Yoon and Airplay. WINNER is set to release “Fate Number For” on April 4 at 4 P.M. KST. Meanwhile, watch WINNER’s teaser for “Fate Number For” below.

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