Windows 7 VS. Windows 8.1: Microsoft Desktop OS Pitted In Terms Of Legacy Apps, Reach, Access; Which OS Is Right For Your PC?

Windows 7 vs, Windows 8.1: Microsoft desktop OS still rules the world of PCs and desktpops in general and the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are the two most used operating systems at the incumbent.

The India Times compared pitted the features of these two famous OS.

Legacy Apps The India Times notes that Windows 8 is pretty much still an OS for a tablet and once legacy software comes into play, the compatibility and overall function for it on a desktop isn’t as “polished.” The news site said that the process of using legacy apps lile Microsoft Office on Windows 8 is “confusing.” This shows then that when it comes to stability and a more smooth workflow, the Windows 7 may still be the OS of choice for desktops.

Reach Sometimes known as a penetration rate, the India Times noted that Windows 7 is still the the OS with the most market share.

This means that more apps are still designed for the Windows 7 more than the Windows 8.

“Major retail outlets and PC vendors still sell some machines running Windows 7, and the support and developer community is strong, despite its release being almost five years ago,” writes the news site.

Access and potential An edge that Windows 8 has though is the push and support it’s getting from its creators.

Though it’s a scenario that has yet to be felt, it’s very possible that in the near future, more apps and services will be available and only compatible with Windows 8 or it’s imminent successor, the Windows 9.

The India Times notes that Microsoft is incentivizing developers to create apps that will be compatible with the Windows ecosystem – Windows Phone, Xbox, and Windows 8.

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