Windows 10 Release Date: More Details About Win 10 In Slates And Phones In January, Claims New Rumor

There are a number of great news coming for smartphones, but in terms of operating systems, it seems that Android and iOS are the only ones worthy of recognition.

However, when 2015 comes, the Windows platform will be re-born – or so they say. 

According to a report by GSM Arena , it looks like Microsoft is going to announce more details about the tablet and phone versions of Windows 10, with an impending release date by March or April.  In the report, those who are already excited about the new version may try Windows 10 for PC as it is already available for testing.

However, there are no updates and additional details yet as far as the phone and tablet versions are concerned.  During the announcement of Microsoft back in September, Windows 10 is aimed at all platforms and it will be the first of its kind which would be available on PCs, tablets and smartphones.  In previous reports, the new version will unite features from both Windows 7 and 8, and come up with a hybrid interface that can be interacted with using touch screen controls or by the conventional keyboard and mouse.  While this concept is certainly one of its kind, we still cannot imagine how a system optimized for the PC will show the same type of performance in a smartphone or tablet.  It is Microsoft’s problem to do just that, and when that time comes, more people would notice the Windows 10 platform.

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