Windows 10 Release Date Arriving In 2015? Would Improve Multi-Tasking, Desktop Experience?

For the past months, we have been excited about the new Windows 9 version which would be launched by Microsoft.

However, it turned out that the Redmond company skipped a number and instead announced the Windows 10 release date. 

While the number is certainly a surprise, it features some of the rumored specs we have been seeing and reading in the past days.  That includes the triumphant return of the Start button and Start menu, and a new interface that certainly looks like the love-child of Windows 7 and 8.  According to the report by Phone Arena , the new OS for the PC will not be exclusive to computers alone, as Microsoft will launch Windows 10 across all devices and that includes desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Yes, you read that right.

It means the next version after the Windows Phone 8.1 update will be Windows 10.  As for PCs, the new version will reportedly make multi-tasking easier.

You can get a view of all your running apps, and even ‘cut-paste’ an app into another desktop.

Another great thing about this update is that it allows the user to run ‘universal’ and touch-based apps side by side.

You don’t need to switch to either the ‘classic’ Windows mode and the one which supports touch because they all work together.

Finally, Windows 10 will bring the Start menu interface into upcoming Windows phones in 2015, which should be one of the most prominent things that will happen to the struggling mobile platform.  In the report, the Windows 10 release date should be official during Microsoft’s annual BUILD Conference next year.  Are you excited about this new version of Windows, or you think it will just be another failed attempt by Microsoft to revive its dying PC market?

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