Will Jackson Be Featured In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Trans Storyline [SPOILERS]?

As “Grey’s Anatomy” goes on its winter hiatus, recent spoilers regarding a very special patient have fans speculating on the next doctor to receive a major recurring storyline.

According to spoilers by TVLine, when “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11 returns after its hiatus, the series will initiate a major trans storyline based on a character named Travis who will go through a “believable transition” to a woman over time.

Reportedly, Travis will bond with one of the doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“I can see the doctor (or doctors) tending to Travis being Jackson, and to a lesser extent, April,” commented Abby on TVLine.

“Every trans op patient needs plastics and Jackson is usually always so judgey.

Right up Shonda’s alley to pair him with that storyline in my opinion.” But, with the recent developments on April and Jackson’s baby, will “Grey’s Anatomy” have enough time for another storyline for the couple? Recently, the Hollywood Reporter spoke with the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and actress Jerrika Hinton commented on Stephanie’s connection to the pregnancy.

“There’s a lot of guilt because she’s the one that found it out, so that makes it messy for her internally,” said Hinton.

“I don’t think there’s any sense of, ‘This is some kind of karmic thing.'” “This is a genuinely horrible thing to happen to somebody.

On some level, I feel like there’s a sense of, “Well, God.

I thought this was going to be worth it in a way.” Like even for Stephanie, “If you’re going to go off and do this, I thought you were going to be able to have your fairy tale.”

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