Will Hajime Isayama Announce The ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Release Date In His Upcoming Brutus Magazine Interview? Probably Not But . . . Maybe He Should?

What do “Full Metal Panic” season four, the “Hunter X Hunter” manga, and “Final Fantasy 15” have in common? Yes, they’re all based in a style of artwork that originates in Japan but they’re also all highly anticipated continuations of enormously popular series.

Sadly however, without consistent release dates and teaser material, over time they become things that fans fear will never actually be completed.

The final nail in the coffin is of course the fan that completely gives up and tries to content themselves that the series is complete as is.

The latest series that may be added to that island of forgotten fan favorites is “Attack on Titan” season two, or so that’s where it could be headed if Wit Studios and Kodansha continue to delay the announcement of the release date.

This appears to be a dramatic reaction given the amount of “Attack on Titan” fans that make it the most cosplayed series at most Con events these days, but it is disconcerting how quickly focus has shifted from the main story arcs of the series to spinoffs and reiterations of what has already been seen.

“I am not sure I fully trust for there to be another (sequel) season just because the anime [manga] continues far past that and the first 25 episodes were successful.

I’m talking about something that would essentially pick up where the 25th left off,” said one fan on Yahoo! Answers merely two months ago.

“Attack on Titan” has become popular enough that some people are seeking fans across the globe to answer whether the series will continue after the first season.

In the same very thread, another fan points out that the delay largely has to do with the source material, rather, the lack thereof.

“Attack on Titan” creator Hajime Isayama ultimately is under a pressure vacuum at this point, probably one that he never predicted when he originally began drawing “Attack on Titan.” Somehow during the anime adaptation of the first season, Isayama and Wit Studios were faced with the realization that at the current pace they were moving, they would run out of material.

That was probably not that much of a problem until now, a little over a year after the series debuted, that they realized they would not be able to quickly follow up.

So, without an “Attack on Titan” season two release date – even a conjecture for 2016 might not upset fans at this point – just how long will fans wait before they start to lose hope? This is a question that Wit Studios and everyone involved with “Attack on Titan” should arguably consider before going another few months with no updates on progress.


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