What’s Next For Jung Kyung Ho After ‘Missing 9’

What's Next For Jung Kyung Ho After 'Missing 9'

What's Next For Jung Kyung Ho After 'Missing 9'

The TV drama that Korean actor, Jung Kyung Ho, stars in has just ended. Now, he shows his deep gratitude to all of the people who took part in the creation, production and success of the hit TV show. He also expressed his gratitude to his fans who passionately supported him all the way. According to Asia Starz , Jung Kyung Ho says that his time spent in filming “Missing 9” was indeed one of the most memorable experiences he had in his career.
This was because it helped him to grow as a mature person, as well as guided him to improve his professional career. Because of this, he gives a lot of thanks to the production crew, as well as the fans, as the drama was a big hit in Korea with skyrocketing ratings. “Missing 9” is written by Son Hwang Won and is directed by well-known filmmaker, Choi Byung Gil. According to All K-pop , he then later adds that the drama was all about improving their outlook in their life and career, as well as showing what living in Seoul feels like. For now, it seems like Jung Kyung Ho is just waiting for his agency to pitch up some possible projects for him. Surely, he would dive into a probably drama or even perhaps a movie. In other news, Jung Kyung Ho was also asked about her current status in his relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. He says that they still have no plans in getting married as of now. However, he will just wait for the perfect time. With this being said, he surely has all the time in the world to wait for that perfect time. Fans just have to wait and see as to where his career brings him next. Most probably, he’ll be into another drama or movie.

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