What We Know About The Upcoming YG Hip-Hop Project: G-Dragon & Taeyang [UPDATE]

What We Know About The Upcoming YG Hip-Hop Project: G-Dragon & Taeyang [UPDATE]
What We Know About The Upcoming YG Hip-Hop Project: G-Dragon & Taeyang [UPDATE]

There are many rumors and few confirmed facts about YG Entertainment’s upcoming HIPHOP Project.

Here is what is confirmed: YG Entertainment released the first teaser image on November 13, with a poster teasing the now-famous YG marketing phrase, “Who’s Next?” The picture showed that there would be two projects, Project 1 and Project 2.

Project 1 will have two people, while Project 2 will consist of three people, and be released on December 2nd.

On November 17, it was revealed that Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be one of the members of Project 1.

 On November 18, YG Entertainment released the second teaser image, which showed that Project 1 will be G-Dragon X Taeyang, another Big Bang member.

G-Dragon and Taeyang will release their collaboration on November 21.

Here are some rumors & speculations: Fans on Twitter have been freely sharing their ideas and recommendations for what YG Entertainment has lined up for Project 2.

 Here are some of the speculations that are among the most common.

Yet-to-debut rookie group iKON’s member Bobby won Show Me The Money 3, and he is supposed to be releasing an album as part of the prize.

However, no album plans have been announced, so fans are anxious to see him appear in as many projects as possible.  Bobby was recently the featured artist on Hi Suhyun’s song “I’m Different,” as well as Epik High’s comeback track “Born Hater,” and his name is being tossed around with rumors for HIPHOP Project 2.

iKON’s B.I and WINNER’s Mino are also popular forerunners in rumors.

Both also appeared in “Born Hater” and YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk has previously said that B.I has been busy working on new music .

There is also a slim possibility that the three will be the remaining Big Bang members T.O.P, Seungri, and Daesung, as Big Bang has not released any group or collaborative music since 2012’s Still Alive album.

Fanmade memes express Big Bang fans’ longing for the five members to reunite and release new music.

Other names rumored on Twitter are 2NE1’s Minzy and well-known female trainees.

The HIPHOP Project is one of several recent releases from YG Entertainment.

Most recently, the label revealed Hi Suhyun, a collaboration duo that includes solo artist Lee Hi and Akdong Musician’s Suhyun.

Who do you think will be included in HIPHOP Project 2?  Share your ideas in the comments section below! UPDATE:  YG Entertainment has revealed 2 teaser posters and a 16-second music video clip for G-Dragon and Taeyang’s upcoming single “Good Boy.” Check them out HERE .

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