What To Expect In Hyoyeon And YoonA’s Upcoming Solo Music

What To Expect In Hyoyeon And YoonA's Upcoming Solo Music

What To Expect In Hyoyeon And YoonA's Upcoming Solo Music

Recent reports are suggesting that Girls’ Generation members, Hyeyon and YoonA are preparing for the release of theirown singles this coming April and May. This shows that Girls’ Generation is still up and running and now, it’s showing the other side of itself by giving its members the freedom to show off their talents in the solo recording realm. It has already been quite some time since Girls’ Generation has been releasing new music every now and then. This time, Hyeoyeon and YoonA takes it to the next level with their new solo records. The two are indeed experiencing massive success in their careers as they are proving that they can do it on their own.
According to Soompi , Hyeyeon and YoonA are already in the final stages in the preparation of their own solo recording, as they will bring up the banner of Girls’ Generation to themselves. Hopefully, the upcoming solo tracks of the two K-pop heartthrobs will be a big success. Meanwhile, Sooyoung is also reported to be an MC for SBS’ Indonesia. Her role as MC will start on April 22. She shows that the members of Girls’ Generation are not only talented in dancing and singing but are also skilled in hosting. Meanwhile, Seohyun is also preparing for her role in the upcoming drama of MBC’s “Thief, Thief”. Girls’ Generation is also celebrating their 10 th  year anniversary this year with their anniversary album that will be released this coming summer. The group will also have their countdown performances every month, until the exact date of their 10 th  year anniversary. The girl group is still currently working on the final touches of the soon to be released album. There are also reports that point out to a comeback concert this year. However, there are still no official confirmation coming from the girl group and their management agency.

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