What Makes Big Bang, Big Bang

What Makes Big Bang
What Makes Big Bang

Big Bang is a powerful group.

From taking over music charts upon comeback to winning 10 trophies on music shows, their success proves them to the top idol group.

What is it that they do to make this happen? Ever since Big Bang made a comeback on May 1st with “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” they have been dominating the music charts.

They maintained their top-ranking status with “Loser” for about 20 days, and although other artists briefly took over the 1st place, Big Bang reclaimed their throne within 5 days.

Big Bang also swept up 10 trophies from music shows.

They won their first trophy on May 9th at MBC Show! Music Core and continued their trophy winning streak through KBS 2TV Music Bank , Mnet M Countdown , and MBC Show Champion .

They won three trophies from SBS Inkigayo for three consecutive weeks.

The first key factor behind their success is their music’s power.

Big Bang is a unique group that boasts both strong fandom and mass appeal.

The fact that their music is not only loved by their fans but also by people from all around the world proves their global popularity.

Second, Big Bang’s music is so unique that a phrase “Big Bang style” was created to describe music.

“Loser” does not feature strong or fast beats, but once people hear it, they can feel “Big Bang style” from it.

“Bae Bae” also became a big hit with its witty lyrics that use the word “rice cake.” The blend of Big Bang style music and witty lyrics are seen as the third factor that makes Big Bang’s music so addicting.

Lastly, their stylish performances also capture people’s attention.

Even their performances on music shows make the audience feel as if they’re at Big Bang’s solo concert.

There are so many props and equipments that audience can see, and choreography also involves witty moves such as “rice cake dance.” People easily lose themselves in Big Bang’s music as they watch the group perform.

Now, all eyes are on Big Bang’s second project, which will be released on June 1st.

Curiosity is rising over what kind of charms Big Bang will show off with the new tracks and if they will be able to break the records of “Loser.”   

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