‘What I’ve Told You Was The Truth,’ Park Bom Says About ‘The Black Label’ Deal; Maintains She Spoke To YG, Teddy About Comeback

'What I've Told You Was The Truth

'What I've Told You Was The Truth,' Park Bom Says About 'The Black Label' Deal; Maintains She Spoke To YG, Teddy About Comeback

Park Bom has maintained that she was not lying when she announced on her Twitter that she was going to be working with YG’s “The Black Label.” This was after YG Entertainment publicly debunked her claim with their own announcement. According to former 2NE1 main vocalist Park Bom, she really did speak to “The Black Label” producer Teddy and YG Entertainment about a project. “What I’ve told you was the truth. I’ve spoken to YG and Teddy oppa about it,” Park Bom tweeted a reply to a fan who said that YG may not be aware of “The Black Label” deal.
Park Bom also addressed another fan who encouraged her to look for another label who will treat her better. She thanked the fan for the support and for wanting her (Park Bom) to be in a better situation. The singer did not say whether she will be following the advice or if she will wait for YG and Teddy to clear up the issue. It can be recalled that Park Bom recently made the news for an Instagram post hinting a comeback solo album. Fans became excited over the possible solo album of the former 2NE1 member since they have not had much news about her since 2NE1 disbanded last year. When asked when she will be returning to the studio, Park Bom said that fans should address their question to YG and producer Teddy. Fans immediately connected Park Bom’s statement to a project with YG’s sub-group “The Black Label” because Teddy is in charge of the group, Kpopstarz reported. Unfortunately, when Park Bom confirmed that she was signed with “The Black Label,” YG wasted no time in debunking her claims, leaving fans more confused than ever. Whether or not the incident was a mere result of miscommunication may be cleared up by an official announcement from YG but for now, fans are waiting for Park Bom’s next move.     

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