What Fans Can Possibly Expect From ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Based On Its 2016 Release Date: The Secrets Of The Titans And The Importance Of Historia

Spoilers have become rather commonplace thanks to the saturation of adaptations in film and TV.

Of course fans can find out what’s going to happen in the new “Hunger Games” movie – they need only go read the original novel.

Anime fans however knew long before that sometimes certain adaptations involve completely diverging from the source material.

This divergence can sometimes be very good or can quickly result in something like “Fullmetal Alchemist” where fans end up feeling divisive about an ending because it may not have been what the creator initially intended. 

“Attack on Titan,” which was originally just a manga by creator Hajime Isayama, now has several spin offs, feature length films, and an upcoming live action film.

Fans of the man eating giant manga however consistently have been mostly concerned with the anime adaptation.

“Attack on Titan” season two was finally confirmed to be released in 2016, which brings with it the question of what parts of the manga will make it to the next season of the anime.

Based on highlights from the manga that was released after “Attack on Titan” season one, it’s a reasonable speculation that “Attack on Titan” season two will highlight two things: the ever increasing mystery of the Titans (their origins and motivations) and the importance of a once seemingly minor character, Historia aka Krista Lenz.

[WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD] “But how do you explain the specific origins of the titans?” asks one fan in the official “Attack on Titan” Origin of the titans Wikipedia forum .

The fact that there are so many theories and continued speculation about where the titans come from and who might have “engineered” them definitely makes a case for season two to explore that more in depth.

In fact, given the infamy of the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, it’s almost certain that animators are hard at work on how to incorporate the huge reveal of how these two titans came into existence that occurred in some of the latest chapters of the manga.

In addition to focusing on the origins of the titans next season, the most recent chapters of the manga also highlight the importance of Krista Lenz, or as she’s later known, Historia.

Hajime Isayama is notorious for highlighting characters that later get killed, which makes for difficult pacing in animated TV.

One place where the first season managed well to balance this was eliminating the backstory of characters that weren’t absolutely necessary to understand the main plight of Eren and the scout corps around him.

In the case of Historia however, her backstory will perhaps ultimately play a large part in the origin story of the titans, but this is also still largely based on theories and speculation.

As such, it is likely that “Attack on Titan” season two will spend some time with the kind-hearted girl that saves Reiner, Armin and Jean during the special operation to trap the female titan.

While 2016 may seem like a long time to await the return of “Attack on Titan,” Wit Studios has perhaps made a choice that will in the long run scale down the delivery of information to fans in regards to Titan origins and the importance of once periphery characters like Historia.

Ultimately, by the time January 2016 comes around, perhaps “Attack on Titan” season two will have enough excitement and suspense to create an even better season than the first.

…And it won’t have to go out in flames of fillers like series delayed due to manga releases like “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Inuyasha.”  

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