Weekly Top 3: Seungri ICU, Sungmin Dating, ZE:A’s Leader-CEO Battle

Weekly Top 3: Seungri ICU
Weekly Top 3: Seungri ICU

Seungri Revealed To Have Been In ICU Following Accident

After Korean media broke the news that Big Bang’s Seungri had been hospitalized following an earlier car accident, YG Entertainment confirmed that Seungri had received treatment in the ICU.

Seungri had originally been reported to leave the scene in an ambulance but then switched to his manager’s car.

Fans are now questioning YG Entertainment’s actions in regards to an idol’s health, and are also questioning YG Entertainment’s decision to initially tell fans that Seungri’s condition was not serious.

ZE:A’s Lee Hoo Takes To Twitter, Gets New Contract For ZE:A The leader of Star Empire’s megagroup ZE:A took to Twitter and threatened to reveal company and industry secrets.

The claims made by Lee Hoo, he said, were due to the mistreatement of the group at the hand of the CEO Shin Joo Hak and producers on variety shows.

After multiple tweets, Lee Hoo revealed that he and the Star Empire CEO sat down and were able to re-evaluate ZE:A’s relationship with the company.

There were mixed reactions from netizens, but ZE:A’s Kwanghee is reported to have shown support for his leader’s actions.

Star Empire admitted that Lee Hoo and the CEO met to discuss the group’s situation, but did not go into details regarding ZE:A’s contract.

Super Junior’s Sungmin Confirms Relationship With Musical Actress Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun revealed this week that they recently began dating.  The two met while performing in the musical The Three Musketeers in  2013.

Sungmin is the only Super Junior member to go public with a relationship recently.

Sungmin is currently promoting “Mamacita” with Super Junior, while Kim Sa Eun is appearing in the sitcom Boarding House #24 and performing in the musical “Priscilla” with 2AM’s Jo Kwon . 

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