Weekend Box Office Final: Denzel Washington In ‘The Equalizer’ Finishes Fourth In First, ‘Teen Wolf’s’ Dylan O’Brien Keeps ‘The Maze Runner’ Ahead Of ‘The Boxtrolls’

The results are in for this weekend’s box office and it appears that teen fangirls came to see Dylan O’Brien over trolls in boxes, but adults still prefer a bad-guy-fighting action hero, especially when he’s played by Denzel Washington.

The final numbers from this weekend’s box office have started to pour in and “The Equalizer” came out on top.

The film debuted at $35 million, which is the fourth highest September debut in history.

Fox’s “The Maze Runner” which stars “Teen Wolf” actor Dylan O’brien clinged to the second spot at $17.5 million.

“The Boxtrolls,” the latest 3D stop motion animated film from Laika opened in 3rd place at $17.25 million, just a few million shy of taking down “The Maze Runner.” Collider recently spoke to Laika CEO and animator Travis Knight about how he finds time to be involved on a creative level as the head of the company: “It’s a balancing act.

I ask myself that a lot.

It’s a funny thing.

I think when you look at some of the aspects defining this company, it’s that we are a community of artists, so it makes sense for an artist to be at the helm of the place.” Travis Knight should be proud then that the studio’s third venture in stop motion “The Boxtrolls” is their biggest opening weekend ever.

Although they finished behind two other studio films, Box Office Pro reports that “The Boxtrolls” raked in an estimated $17.25 million this weekend.

Meanwhile, just ahead of “The Boxtrolls” was “The Maze Runner” at the number two spot.

The YA dystopian film starring “Teen Wolf’s” Dylan O’brien made about $17.5 million in it’s second weekend.

Finally, “The Equalizer” which stars Denzel Washington debuted at number one and took in $35 million.

Washington, who has debuted his last twelve films at over $20 million, is clearly still a box office king.

At its $35 million gross, “The Equalizer” also became the fourth highest grossing September debut in history according to Box Office Mojo .

Based on this weekend’s results, it appears that when there’s films for all the age groups at the box office, adults who like Denzel Washington will make it to the theater above all others.


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