‘We Got Married’ Song Jae Rim, Skinship With Kim So Eun Already? “Too Fast~”

'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim
'We Got Married' Song Jae Rim

Song Jae Rim attempted his first skinship with his new virtual wife Kim So Eun .

On MBC ” We Got Married ” aired on September 27, the new virtual couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun unpacked their belongings in their newlywed home.

The two took self-camera photos and organized the house.

Song Jae Rim then wrapped his arms on back of the sofa as if he’s putting his arms around Kim So Eun, and Kim So Eun said, “What are you doing?,” shocked.

Song Jae Rim then said, “Why? This is how I sit when I’m home,” arousing laughter.

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