‘We Got Married’ Lee Soo Hyuk, “Hong Jong Hyun Acts Cool In Front Of Yura”

'We Got Married' Lee Soo Hyuk
'We Got Married' Lee Soo Hyuk

Model and actor Lee Soo Hyuk appeared on MBC ” We Got Married ” as Hong Jong Hyun ‘s friend.

On MBC “We Got Married” aired on November 15, Yura met up with Hong Jong Hyun’s closest friends, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Young Kwang , and Kim Sae Joon.

They had the awkward first meeting as Yura greeted his friends.

Lee Soo Hyuk said, “Hong Jong Hyun is the youngest from our group so he’s the mood maker and he actually has a lot of cute sides.

I think he just acts cool on the show.” Kim Young Kwang said, “He likes touching people.

He says ‘Hyung~’ and attaches to my arm.” At this, internet users commented, “How cute,” “Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun are best friends?,” and “Good-looking friends.”

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