‘We Got Married’ Latest Update: A Closer Look At Gong Myung, Jung Hye Sung’s First Road Trip!

'We Got Married' Latest Update:  A Closer Look At Gong Myung

'We Got Married' Latest Update:  A Closer Look At Gong Myung, Jung Hye Sung's First Road Trip!

The newly-weds were surely in for some ride as they had once again showed that Korean shows are romantically cute in every way. The couple’s road trip was indeed one of the most romantic scenes in Korean television. The couple taking turns in driving while giggling their way through the highways was indeed more than one could handle. According to All KPop , Jung Hye says that the important thing in a vacation is now the things that you go to.
But instead, the most important thing about having a vacation is to whom you spend it with. After Jung Hye Sung’s short romantic speech, Gong Myung looked at her and giggled in a way that reveals he’s really in love with his newly-wed wife. This just shows that Jung Hye Sung is the romantic-type of gil who cherishes the moments she shares with his newly-wed husband. After those cheesy moments of theirs, they then sang along with A Pink’s “Mr. Chu”. The actress then asked Gong Myung if she could get a kiss from him. Jung Hye Sung later reveals that Park Go Bum will visit their new home. She says that Park Bo Gum would love to visit their house even just once. He told to her that he really wants to visit the newly-we couple because he is her oppa. According to Soompi , the next episode would be a very interesting one, as Park Bo Gum was once played her older brother in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”. The reason behind this is because he wants to make sure that Gong Myung is the perfect guy for him. Of course, Gong Myung would welcome his brother-in-law, because that’s what family is all about. Surely, the next episode will be a romantic and funny one that everyone will surely love.

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