WATCH Twerking Russian Girl Poops While Booty Popping To Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle:’ Is The Sharting Twerk Fail A Hoax? [VIDEO]

Yet another disastrous “poopy accident” has hit YouTube for the internet to gawk (and laugh disgustedly) at.

After a horrible photo  of a cheerleader letting it all go mid-air went viral recently (now confirmed to be a hoax), the latest little accident tops it all.

It is without doubt that the world has officially lost control of the twerking trend, and the hilarious videos of everyone from grandmas to babies giving the twerk a try has proven what an Internet disaster the dance craze has turned into.

This latest pile of embarrassment comes from a Russian girl wearing skin-tight white leggings twerking with her backside turned to her friend’s camera.

As she dances to Jason Derulo’s summer hit “Wiggle” in an apparent attempt to win an iPhone, the twerking girl apparently gets so lost in the music that she quite literally looses control of her bodily functions.

As Heavy  summarizes, “A video from Russia called “Dancing Crap” shows a girl twerking her butt in tights when she farts.

The camera holder loses it when her tights turn poo brown.

The girl doesn’t notice it at first but soon realizes that her pants are now filled with poo and runs off camera to address the situation.” The ‘sharting’ twerk video reaches new heights of the term “twerking fail.” While there are many out there who have given the worst twerking video award a very adamant attempt, this horrible fail takes the notion of a crappy YouTube dancing video to a whole new level – quite literally.

But is the video just too horrible to be true? Perez Hilton definitely has his doubts about the video, explaining “We feel like ever since Jimmy Kimmel started making fake viral videos, our guard is now permanently up.

So when we found this video “from Russia” of a girl who has an accident while twerking…

we immediately thought of Kimmel.

Seriously, like, everything about this video seems a little…


We mean, she just happens to be wearing white tights so the “poo brown” shows through really well.” “And the timing of the color showing up and the fart noise is just suspicious! Also she totally keeps dancing for a few seconds after sh*tting her pants.

That doesn’t seem normal – butt sometimes music can just take you away we suppose! Would Kimmel do that though? Would he make two fake viral twerking videos? Or is this just an elaborate prank by some rando on the internet? Or worse…

is it real?” asks Perez Hilton .

What do you think about the latest “twerk fail” gone viral? Do you buy the poop gimmick or is it all a hoax? Share your feelings (doubts, disgust, fear for the world…) in the comments section below!

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