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Watch The Record-Breaking Total Lunar Eclipse This Saturday [VIDEO]: 1st Total Blood Moon Of 2015 To Last 5 Minutes Only

This weekend will mark 2015’s very first total lunar eclipse, but viewers will have to time it just right, and it will also be this century’s shortest lunar eclipse so far.

According to NASA, the total lunar eclipse will arrive on Saturday, April 4, and will only last approximately five minutes.

Reportedly, the total lunar eclipse will begin around 7:58 a.m.

EDT (4:58 a.m.


“Total lunar eclipses, like the one we’re looking forward to on 4 April, are a slow, ethereal affair and, as usual, we’ll have cameras around the world bringing us live views,” said Slooh Community Observatory astronomer Will Gater according to Scientific American.

“What better way to start the day than tuning in to watch this wonderful event.” You can check out a very informative video on the scientific reasons behind this 2015 total lunar eclipse below, brought to you by

“During the eclipse, the moon often looks reddish because sunlight has passed through Earth’s atmosphere, which filters out most of its blue light,” said  NASA officials in a statement.

“This eerie, harmless effect has earned the tongue-in-cheek nickname ‘blood moon.'” Thanks to  and , there will be live stream of the lunar eclipse on the day of the event.