Watch ‘The Imitation Game’ Trailer: Tech Billionaire Tries To Pick Up Keira Knightley By Promising Her A Spaceship, Benedict Cumberbatch Reportedly Related To Alan Turing

While the UK may be celebrating the success of both director Christopher Nolan and Stephen Hawking biopic “Theory of Everything,” there’s one more British invasion to be had this Oscar season in the form of “The Imitation Game.”

“The Imitation Game,” which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley is set to hit US theaters later this month.

Fans can watch the Alan Turing biopic trailer below.

Speaking of Alan Turing, surprisingly Benedict Cumberbatch may actually be related to the historic mathematician in a somewhat ironic turn of events.

Some additional humorous news surrounding the movie is that actress Keira Knightley was recently chatted up by a tech billionaire at the Silicon Valley premiere and he promised her more than the average guy.

“One of them came up to me said ‘If you ever want to see a spaceship, here’s my card’ which has never happened to me before,” laughed Knightley on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night.

“I may phone him and say, ‘Yes.

Show me spaceships.” The award winning actress was recounting her Silicon Valley movie premiere experience, where tech giants including Mark Zuckerberg gathered to screen “The Imitation Game.” It makes sense to lobby the Alan Turing film to the technology elite, considering that Turing’s work on cracking the German enigma began the steps to the world’s first computer (and we all know where Zuckerberg would be without a computer.) While Keira Knightley’s quirky experience at the Silicon Valley premiere makes for a bit of irony given her self-proclaimed technophobia, the fact that co-star Benedict Cumberbatch may be related to Alan Turing is definitely surprising.

According to TIME , researchers at Ancestry.Co.UK have found that Cumberbatch is Turing’s 17th cousin.

How rare is it that one actually gets to play a distant relative in a film? Probably rarer than it is to be related to a man that made history.

Fans of the British acting pair Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley can check out the latest trailer for “The Imitation Game” below.

The Alan Turing movie will hit US theaters on November 28.


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