WATCH ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 8, Episode 3 Full Live Stream Online Free: ‘The First Pitch Insufficiency,’ TBBT Cast, Start Time, Spoilers & CBS Streaming [VIDEO]

Tune in to CBS tonight at 8 PM to see the next episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8! Watch Episode 3, where you can see the eighth season show, “The First Pitch Insufficiency,” using our free live stream links.

Check out some awesome preview videos, spoilers, and more below!

According to the official synopsis of “The First Pitch Insufficiency,” Episode 3 of Season 8, “A nervous Wolowitz is thrown for a loop when NASA asks him to toss out the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels baseball game.

Meanwhile, Sheldon brags that he and Amy are a better couple than Leonard and Penny, so they set out to prove he’s way off base.” Make sure you tune in to CBS tonight at 8 PM to catch all of the Season 8, Episode 3 excitement! Won’t be able to catch Episode 3 of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8 on a TV? Well, we’ve got you covered with free online live stream links! Check out a live stream of “The Big Bang Theory” on this CBS free live stream channel online – click here  or here  (depending on your region, only one may be accessible) to watch Episode 3 from your computer! What happened on “The Big Bang Theory” last week? According to Hallels , “The 8 th season of the Big Bang Theory already premiered and it kicked off with a bang.

In the season premiere, Sheldon is featured after returning from his 45-day cross country trip after he had lost all his possessions including his pants and shoes in the train.

Although he had originally decided to get away from Pasedena because he felt overwhelmed about his changing atmosphere, he returned and found even more changes that had taken place in his absence.

The changes he saw included Penny’s new haircut and her new job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, the shift in Raj and Emily’s relationship and Mama Wolowitz, who was now happily living with Stuart.

The University required Sheldon to become a teaching professor so that he could switch his area of study to dark matter.

The viewers were however, left wondering what will be left of Sheldon’s aspirations since his only student; Wolowitz had dropped out of his class.

The fans will also be interested to see how Sheldon’s and Amy’s relationship will evolve now that Sheldon is home and did not receive a very warm welcome from Amy.

We will also get to see how Leonard’s marriage plans will go now that Penny has the potential to earn a bigger salary as she has found a new job which is boosting her self esteem.” What should we look forward to for the rest of the season? Warning: spoilers ahead! The Latin Post  reports, “According to executive producer Chuck Lorre, Penny and Leonard’s road to holy matrimony will be long and hard.

“[Penny] is going to start making some money.” He told Fox CT at the TCA Conference over the summer.

“She’s going to find some confidence and self-esteem, which acting does not provide in great heaping doses.” He also revealed that her new job will “unbalance their relationship as the power shifts.” Plus, Leonard may feel threaten since “part of [Penny’s] new job is going to be a lot of flirting, and that’s going to threaten [Leonard],” said a source by the name of Johnny.

“People who are older and more successful than he is will fall for her, and Penny and Leonard are going to have to find a really profound strength to survive that.” Executive producer Steve Molaro also hinted that fans should not hold their breath in anticipation for Penny and Leonard’s wedding this season.

“I don’t think we feel pressure to hit these milestones,” Molaro told TV Guide.

“I’m sure some fans want a wedding right away or babies or something, but most of them know …

we try to let the show grow organically, so no wedding or babies for now.

There’s no map between now and the end of Season 10 of when certain milestones need to be hit.

When it feels like the right time, we’ll go for it.

We’re not great at planning too far out in advance and when we have done it in the past, we end up changing our minds anyway!” In the meantime, new photos and a preview video revealed that Wolowitz will bite off more than he can chew when he agrees to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles baseball game.” It will certainly be interesting to see all of this season play out! Care for some more spoilers? Check out the “The First Pitch Insufficiency” preview videos here: What else will happen tonight on “The Big Bang Theory” Season 8, Episode 3? You’ll have to wait and see! Tune into CBS, or one of our free online live stream links above, to catch all the excitement of this Season 8 episode, called “The First Pitch Insufficiency!” The start time for tonight’s show is 8 PM ET so be sure not to miss a single second!

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