Watch ‘Sword Art Online’ Season 2 Episode 19 Live Stream Free Online Here! It’s All About Asuna

“Sword Art Online II” or “Sword Art Online” season two premiered a new episode today and fans of Asuna will be happy to know that it’s all about her this week.

While the episode entitled “Zekken” was simulcast through Hulu and Crunchyroll, those without subscriptions need look no further for areas where they can watch “Sword Art Online” season two episode 19 online.

Watch “Sword Art Online” Season 2 Episode 19 “Zekken” Here Synopsis: This episode picks up with more support for Asuna to try her hand at beating the infamous undefeated Zekken character.

But the happiness is short lived as soon as Asuna returns to the harshness of her real world home life.

Her father is absent, and her mother tells her that she will be not only transferring schools but also is not allowed to consider dating anyone that attends her current school.

After hearing this from her mother, Asuna can only think of Kirito and the happiness she felt when she thought her life would only be him and the world of Sword Art Online.

She dives again and meets up with Kirito.

They reminisce about the first meal she cooked for him with the rabbit stew.

There’s some joking before the other girls Leafa, Silica, and Lisbeth arrive and they set out to support Asuna’s fight against Zekken.

Once they arrive to the 3PM daily challenge, Asuna (and perhaps the audience) is surprised to find that Zekken is actually a girl with the character name of Yuuki.

The fight begins and Asuna takes the first hit.

She resigns herself however and comes back at Yuuki fiercely.

But then the infamous 11-hit combo comes forth and the battle ends, with Yuuki the winner, but Asuna still dignified.

Yuuki praises her then grabs her and they fly away.

Yuuki asks Asuna if she would help her and her friends, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger of what is to come.

Fans can also watch “Sword Art Online II” Episode 19 here .


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