WATCH ‘State Of Affairs’ PREMIERE Season 1 Episode 1 Full Live Stream Online Free: ‘Pilot’ With Emmy Winning ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Katherine Heigl, S01E01 Spoilers, Trailer, NBC Streaming [VIDEO]

Tune in to NBC tonight at 10 PM to see what will happen on the premiere of “State Of Affairs” Season 1! Watch Episode 1, where we will see the “Pilot” (S01E01) featuring Emmy Award winning “Grey’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl, using our favorite free live stream links.

According to the official synopsis of “Pilot,” Episode 1 of Season 1, “Charlie (Katherine Heigl) reflects on the one-year anniversary of her fiancé’s death at the hands of a terrorist in the series premiere of this political drama centering on a top CIA analyst who assembles the President’s daily briefing.

Alfre Woodard also stars.” Make sure you tune in to NBC tonight at 10 PM to catch all of the Season 1, Episode 1 excitement of the “State Of Affairs” premiere featuring Emmy Award winner Katherine Heigl! Won’t be able to catch Episode 1 of “State Of Affairs” Season 1 on a TV? Well, we’ve got you covered with free online live stream links! Check out a live stream of “State Of Affairs” (S01E01) on this NBC free live stream channel online – click here , here or here  (one link may work over another due to region restrictions) to watch Episode 1 from your computer! What should we look forward to for tonight’s episode (S01E01) and the rest of the first season? Warning: “State Of Affairs” Season 1 spoilers ahead! According to the International Business Times , “Katherine Heigl plays the role of a determined CIA agent, Charlie Tucker, who enjoys a close relationship with the President of the U.S.

The President’s son, who is also Charlie’s fiancé, has been killed and the two women will do everything they can to bring those responsible to justice.

The main job of Charlie Tucker in “State of Affairs” is to head a team of people who put together a book that has a list of 10 critical threats to the U.S.

The team also briefs other agencies in the U.S.

like the FBI and the Justice Department.

Charlie has been handpicked by the president for the role.

The close relationship that Charlie has with the President also means that she can be bolder to take some decisions that may actually fall in the policy making domain.

This is something that she is not authorized to do and will also get her into trouble.

In one of the episodes of “State of Affairs” Charlie will get the opportunity to relay actionable intelligence about a terrorist target to the President.

She chooses not to share this information with the hope of killing the whole network of the terrorists in the future.

Her decision however does not sit well with some of the decision makers in Washington.

Charlie Tucker is described as a rebel, defiant, bold and a patriot.

She has the support and loyalty of her team.

But it is not all about work for the character and she likes to have fun.

She works for a more serious President, played by Alfre Woodard.” What are the critics saying about the new Katherine Heigl drama? “Fast paced with potential to draw interesting cases and stories, State of Affairs makes the mistake of calling in Heigl to execute all  of the important plot points.

Some of the events that go down in the pilot are questionable and distracting from the main focus, however if we can get stronger character development and more screentime for Woodard moving forward, the show holds promise,” critiques IGN .

“State of Affairs is just the first of three dramas developed by NBC this season that are heavily inspired by Homeland.

It is the only one that, thanks to its intense mixture of the personal and the political, the White House, and the presence of a black woman in power, calls to mind Scandal.

(If you listen closely, you can probably hear the cackling coming out of Shondaland.) And while it is completely watchable, it is also, unlike Scandal, not distinctive in any way.

Like every network drama at this point, State of Affairs mixes a crisis-of-the-week story with a longer-term mystery: Charlie is getting texts from an unknown source about what exactly happened in Kabul.

Like Carrie and Olivia and their ilk, Charlie’s professional life is aces and her personal life a mess.

She numbs the pain with casual sex and alcohol, though wine is not her beverage of choice.

And, of course, she is keeping a big secret,” adds Slate .

It will certainly be entertaining to see Season 1 play out! Are you a big Katherine Heigl fan after her work in “Grey’s Anatomy” and movies such as “Knocked Up”? Hopefully Heigl’s new show “State Of Affairs” will be the return Heigl fans have been waiting for! Are you ready for tonight’s premiere on NBC? Check out the “Pilot” trailer and S01E01 preview videos here: What else will happen tonight on “State Of Affairs” Season 1, Episode 1? You’ll have to wait and see what Katherine Heigl and her crew will have in store for us! Tune into NBC, or one of our free online live stream links above, to catch all the excitement of this Season 1 premiere episode, called “Pilot” at 10 PM tonight!

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