Watch ‘SNL’ Alum And ‘Portlandia’ Star Fred Armisen Perform 10 Different New York City Accents [VIDEO]

Fred Armisen is the master of impressions.

On “SNL” and most recently on “Portlandia” season 4, viewers can bear witness to his incredible talent, as Fred Armisen switches between different characters and accents on the fly.

But at the recent Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, Fred Armisen tackles something different: New York accents.

Watch the video below of Fred Armisen performing 10 different New York City accents! The “Portlandia” star took the stage at a Doctors Without Borders charity event  at Irving Plaza in New York last week, taking requests from the crowd and performing 10 different accents in the four-minute YouTube clip.

He goes from a tough Brooklynite to a introspective Upper West Sider and everything in between.

Not only did he perform all 10 accents but he also would comment on the stereotypes on different New Yorkers – while speaking in the accent! Upper West Siders, for example, are “more appreciative of the things that are around New York,” whereas residents of the Rockaways are “trying to prove something.” Raised in Long Island, he had a few things to say about his hometown: “They’re trying to prove that they’re not dumb,” he stutters, waving his arms around.

“They’re already being defensive about being made fun of.” No one is making fun of you, Armisen.

You only get our humblest applause.

Thankfully, the “SNL” alum ignores the audience member obsessed with a “Chinatown” accent.

We hope he lives in that neighborhood – otherwise, he has some explaining to do.

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