Watch ‘Seraph Of The End’ Episode 9 Live Stream Free Online: Mika Struggles, Yu Fights

Watch 'Seraph Of The End' Episode 9 Live Stream Free Online: Mika Struggles
Watch 'Seraph Of The End' Episode 9 Live Stream Free Online: Mika Struggles

  Today marks another new and exciting episode of “Seraph of the End.” Episode 9 entitled “Vampire Attack” was streamed to fans outside of Japan via Funimation.

For those without subscriptions however, below are two links to website where episodes of “Seraph of the End” are available for free online.

Watch “Seraph of the End” Episode 9 “Vampire Attack” Here Synopsis: This week’s picks up with an attack from the Army against enemy helicopters.

The intention is to hold Shinjuku from being overrun.

A helicopter crashes into a wall and out walks some vampires.

Mitsuba’s group arrives to the chaos, wondering how the place has become overrun by vampires.

The vampires in the Kanto region intend to destroy the demon army.

The group brandishes their cursed gears and get to work on the vampires.

After destroying a group of vampires, the Moon company heads to the trenches with Corporal Nagai.

The casualties are already very high.

Colonel Guren meets up with some elite quad members as he scouts the vampires below.

It includes Mika.

Guren informs the group that the commander is near 5 th street and that is where they should attack.

Ferid Bathory is the name of the vampire commander.

He and Mika recall Ferid’s vicious murder of his orphan family.

Mika blames himself for not protecting everyone.

Mika remembers his transformation into a vampire when it took place four years ago.

Mika refused to drink from Krul Tepes, the Vampire Queen at first, but then chose her blood over human blood.

In the present, Mika stores Krul’s blood with him whenever he has to be away from her.

He gives himself two days to find Yuichiro.

Meanwhile, Yuichiro and the Moon Demon Company head to the front lines.

Shinoa gives a rather uninspiring speech before informing the troop they will be doping in order to increase their power in the fight.

Unfortunately, it will still take training to truly master their cursed gear.

Their truck is attacked and flipped over.

Yuichiro rushes to save Corporal Nagai.

Unfortunately, the ground caves in with Shinoa and Yuichiro holding Corporal Nagai’s passed out body.

They plan to meet up with their group above ground after getting Nagai to safety.

The episode ends with Colonel Guren brandishing his sword.

Fans can also watch “Seraph of the End” episode 9 here .     

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