Watch ‘Psycho-Pass’ Season 2 Episode 7 Live Stream Free Online: Akane Tsunemori Makes A Shocking Discovery About Ghost Villain Kamui’s Plan

Another Thursday has arrived and with it has come another new and exciting episode of “Psycho-Pass” season 2.

Episode 7 entitled “Untraceable Children” was simulcast for fans in North America thanks to Funimation.

However, for those without subscriptions, below there are links to watch “Psycho-Pass” season two episode 7 free online.

This episode continues with the case of Kamui and ends with a shocking discovery about what the “Ghost villain” has been up to all along.

Watch ‘Psycho-Pass’ Season 2 Episode 7 “Untraceable Children” Here Synopsis: In the aftermath of the drone incident, the MWPSB are officially on clean-up duty as they take down anyone still playing the horrible game with the drones that has since been revealed to be real.

Meanwhile, inspector Akane Tsunemori attempts to figure out what Kamui plans to do with the stolen dominators: how is it that he fools the Sibyl system? While trying to figure his plan out, Akane remembers her old Enforcer partner Shinya Kogami while spacing out.

Through examination of Kamui’s hideout, the team speculates that the “Ghost villain” probably is using Inspector Shisui to use the dominators or, he has somehow figured out how to use organ transplants to fool the system into thinking that there are multiple inspectors out there.

Akane meets with the newest version of Sibyl about Kamui, but of course she won’t admit that there is indeed something wrong with the system.

She does imply that it’s okay for Akane, rather Togane, to shoot Kamui the old fashioned way.

Togane discovers that Inspector Shimotsuki has been investigating him behind his back.

The episode ends with investigation of a surgeon connected to Kamui who has been helping him fool the Sibyl system into not being able to properly identify people.

It is revealed that Kamui has been closer to the case all along.

Eager to discuss what happened in the latest episode of “Psycho-Pass” season 2? Reddit  has a great forum going at the current moment, particularly about the Sibyl system flaw.

Fans can also watch “Psycho-Pass” season 2 episode 7 here .


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