Watch ‘Psycho-Pass’ Season 2 Episode 6 Live Stream Free Online: Akane Tsunemori Figures Out Kamui’s Ultimate Plan For The Sibyl System

Today an all new episode of “Psycho-Pass 2” or “Psycho-Pass” season two aired today in Japan.

The new episode entitled “Those Who Cast Stones,” was also simulcast for North American fans through Funimation.

Funimation however requires subscription.

For fans without subscription services, links to watch “Psycho-Pass 2” can be viewed below.

This episode is filled with action and a big discovery by lead inspector Akane Tsunemori.

Watch “Psycho-Pass” Season 2 Episode 6 “Those Who Cast Stones” Online Here Synopsis (via Funimation ) “The Military Drones hunt down the MWPSB detectives.

While attempting to evacuate the detectives, Akane realizes what Kamui’s true objective is.

Meanwhile, the Analysis Lab rushes to track down and deactivate the program that hacked the Drones.” After watching this week’s episode, fans seem to be mostly chatting about this episode’s reference to season one (WARNING: spoilers follow).

Inspector Tsunemori stops Togane from shooting down Kamui who is able to escape on a boat and the scene reminds her of similarly stopping Kogami from shooting down a woman in the first season.

“I was like “LET HIM SHOOOOOOOOOT!! …but then I thought that perhaps Akane still regrets not being able to stop Kougami at the end of the first season, and that kinda made me feel a bit better.

No, not better…but more acceptable.

Plus there was technically a hostage,” commented one fan in the Reddit forum for this week’s episode.

References to the past as well as Akane Tsunemori’s ability to remain true to her convictions make for another exciting episode of “Psycho-Pass 2.” Not to mention, this season’s Ghost Villain Kamui appears to be that much more diabolical than last season’s Makishima.

This is perhaps a good thing considering that some critics (notably those at Anime News Network) were disappointed with this season’s ability to sustain action in the middle of over the top exposition.

Whatever the case may be, there are still six more episodes left in this first half of “Psycho-Pass 2.” Additionally, Funimation has begun to air their English Dub version, in which Episode 2 will air on Saturday.

Fans can also watch “Psycho-Pass” Season 2 Episode 6 here .


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