Watch Pokemon XY Anime Episode 69, Evil Florges Vs. Goodra: Future Episode Titles Unveiled Confirming Upcoming Laverre Gym Battle!

Watch Pokemon XY Anime Episode 69
Watch Pokemon XY Anime Episode 69

A brand new episode of the Pokemon XY anime has aired in Japan, and now fans can watch it online! In this Pokemon XY Anime episode, Ash and friends leave Lumiose City and head towards the home where Goodra fled before joining Ash’s team.

However, they soon discover that the wetlands are still being fought over by Pokemon, particularly a Florges who is leading an attack on the area.

Will Goodra succeed in defending his former home?

Thanks to AnimePlus, fans can find out right here .

In addition to a new anime episode, new episode titles have been confirmed by Pokemon Fan magazine.

According to Serebii, episode 76 of the Pokemon XY anime will be titled “We Will Have a Battle at the Fashion! Bagon VS Spritzee!!” Episode 77 will be titled “Laverre Gym Match! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!” But it’s not just the anime TV series that will get new content.

This summer, the next Pokemon movie titled “Hoopa & the Clash of Ages” will premiere on July 18.

On April 16, the very first animation of unbound Hoopa from the Pokemon movie was shown in the extended trailer.

“As Ash, Pikachu and the other continue their journey, they encounter the mythical Pokemon Hoopa, who carries ‘rings that can summon anything and everything,’ and a girl named Mary who takes care of Hoopa,” says the plot synopsis according to  Serebii .

“Once they arrive in Desser City, Ash and the others meet Mary’s older brother, Barza.

However something seems off about him.

On a closer look, he’s holding the ‘Prison Bottle’ that’s said to have sealed the Pokemon that once destroyed the city! An evil air drifts out of the bottle, eventually turning into a huge shadow.

The shadow gradually becomes visible-it is Hoopa’ original unbound form.”    

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