Watch Out For Ji Chang Wook’s Different Acting Styles In ‘Suspicious Partner’; SBS Drama Premieres May 10

Watch Out For Ji Chang Wook's Different Acting Styles In 'Suspicious Partner'; SBS Drama Premieres May 10

Watch Out For Ji Chang Wook's Different Acting Styles In 'Suspicious Partner'; SBS Drama Premieres May 10

Ji Chang Wook is setting out to prove that he has the acting chops to pull off a romantic comedy and he’s doing it with such flourish. The actor, better known for playing action roles in dramas like “Healer” and “The K2” is receiving rave reviews for his portrayal as a non-nonsense ace lawyer for SBS’ new drama “Suspicious Partner.” It was no secret that Ji Chang Wook has been super excited about doing a rom-com after he has been typecast in serious hard action and thriller dramas. In an earlier interview, the actor said that he enjoyed the filming so much that he is losing sleep over excitement over the series’ premiere.
“Suspicious Partner” PD Park Sun Ho was also very impressed with JI Chang Wook’s dedication to the project. The PD said that the actor gave them more than they asked for, giving them more room to explore different camera techniques to come out with a better output, Starzpost reported “Ji Chang Wook went above and beyond my expectations with his portrayal of his character as a genius prosecutor,” the PD said. “He is excellent at making subtle emotional shifts while filming and is very good at adjusting to other actors’ performances as well.”  According to Soompi , new stills from the drama show a brief teaser of what Ji Chang Wook will be offering in the drama. While early stills show the actor looking adorable inside a prosecutor’s building, the new teasers show Ji Chang Wook’s character No Ji Wook arriving to pull a romantic surprise for the character of Cha Joo Yung. However, his joy quickly shifts to heartbreak when he sees her in a slip dress. It is unsure what will cause the change in the mood but even the stills are enough to evoke his character’s heartbreak. “Suspicious Partner” premieres on SBS on May 10. It will take on the 10 pm slot for Wednesday and Thursday previously occupied by “Saimdang: Light’s Diary.”     

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