Watch ‘One Punch Man’ Episode 3 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama Faces Carnage

Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 3 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama Faces Carnage

Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 3 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama Faces Carnage

Courtesy of Viz Media a brand new episode of “One Punch Man” is now streaming online. Episode three is entitled “The Obsessive Scientist.” For those without subscriptions, below there are two links to websites streaming free episodes of “One Punch Man” online.

Watch “One Punch Man” Episode 3 “The Obsessive Scientist” Here
This week’s episode begins with a flashback story of a famous scientist, Genus, who, despite being praised as revolutionary, was always considered a bit crazy for his leaning toward artificial intelligence. Finally, after turning 70, he made a breakthrough. He cloned himself and was able to reverse his aging process.
But Saitama grows tired of the story being told to him by the Armored Gorilla, so he tells him to get to the point. The Armored Gorilla informs Saitama that the scientist likely plans to use Saitama’s body to reach a new form of evolution. They plan to stop him later, but not before Saitama is able to go to the sale at the grocery store tomorrow.
Saitama and Genos head to the headquarters the Armored Gorilla told them about, but Genos ruins the trip by blowing up the building in one shot. No fun for Saitama.
Elsewhere, the Scientist prepares his most deadly creation, Carnage Kabuto. He asks Carnage to catch Saitama. He heads to the tunnel where Genos and Saitama are and quickly takes down Genos. Saitama and Carnage head to a sparring room, but Genos returns before they can really fight.
Genos continues to try to fight Carnage, but he’s reduced to an afro and cracked face. Saitama gears up for the possibly exciting fight. Carnage gets scared however as soon as he feels Saitama’s power. He demands to know how he became so powerful.
Saitama lists the following secrets: extensive training and never giving up, 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10K run every day. Also, he refused to use the A/C. In other words, “you gotta train like hell.”
Genos is upset, and swears that this is not the real secret. But before they can discuss it, Carnage is angry and goes into Carnage mode. Saitama punches him dead though, upset that he missed the bargain day at the supermarket.
Fans can also watch “One Punch Man” episode three here . 

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