Watch ‘One Punch Man’ Episode 2 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama And Genos

Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 2 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama And Genos

Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 2 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama And Genos

A new episode of “One Punch Man” is now streaming online. Episode 2 entitled “The Lone Cyborg” was streamed to fans outside of Japan courtesy of Viz Media and Daisuki. For those without subscriptions however, below there are two links to websites streaming free episodes of “One Punch Man” online.

Watch “One Punch Man” Episode 2 Here
The episode begins with Saitama hearing a report about a new dangerous outbreak of mosquitos. Saitama is watering his cactus when suddenly a swarm of mosquitos arrives and he slowly destroys the individual mosquitos he can get his hands on.
Elsewhere in the city, a thief encounters the swarm of mosquitos, and they suck him dry. The mosquitos are being controlled by a Mosquito Girl. She is found by Genos, a young cyborg. He uses fire to incinerate the mosquitos and then rips off her legs.
Suddenly, Saitama arrives at the fight, chasing a lone mosquito. Genos launches a large scale attack and rids the area of most life, and also gets rid of Saitama’s clothes in the process. The Mosquito Girl almost kills Genos but Saitama takes her out . . . in one punch.
Later, Genos arrives at Saitama’s house and tells Saitama his life story. Before, his family was killed by a cyborg. He then wanted to get revenge by having his own body changed into a cyborg. Unfortunately, Saitama is not looking to hear any more of the story. So he asks Saitama to train him to be strong.
Saitama agrees to train him and says he will likely surpass him. Suddenly, a monster breaks into Saitama’s ceiling. Saitama takes care of all the monsters with relative ease until a new Cyborg arrives. He’s accompanied by a bunch of other monsters including a Beast King, a Mole, and a Gorilla.
Genos drops his cyborg accent and Saitama asks him why. Genos says he just wanted to sound cool.
Fans can also watch “One Punch Man” episode two here . 

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