Watch ‘One Punch Man’ Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama Has A Problem

Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama Has A Problem

Watch 'One Punch Man' Episode 1 Live Stream Free Online: Saitama Has A Problem

Episode one of the highly anticipated anime series “One Punch Man” is now streaming online. Episode one is entitled “The Strongest Man” and was streamed to fans outside of Japan courtesy of licensor Viz Media. Below there are two links to websites streaming free episodes of “One Punch Man” online.

Watch “One Punch Man” Episode 1 Here
The episode begins with a huge explosion in the middle of the city. A blue monster-type man leads an attack on various buildings in the skyline. Elsewhere, an organization works to send someone to help. Alone in his apartment, Saitama decides he should go and fight.
Saitama arrives to fight the monster and destroys it in one punch. Saitama then curses to himself that yet again things have ended in one punch.
In another area of the city a large lobster man named Crablante is facing a young business man. The business man runs into a kid with a big chin. Crablante decides he wants to kill the kid for drawing nipples on his body with a permanent marker. Crablante prepares to attack the businessman, but he manages to rip off his eyeball.
The story of the lobster man and business man is Saitama’s origin story. After saving the kid, he trained so hard he went bald. While shopping for groceries, a monster villain on the ultimate steroid Biceps King. His brother rides on his shoulder claiming they will rule the world.
Saitama manages to get on Biceps King, who accidentally kills his brother trying to crush Saitama. Saitama manages to bring Biceps King down in, as you probably guessed, one punch. After the fight, Saitama laments that he’s felt distant from his emotions.
Lately, the hero-thing has him bored. But the next morning Subterraneans attack him at his home, claiming they have yet to find any worthy opponents outside of him. Saitama manages to knock them all back underground as he claims to be the protector of the surface. The fight ultimately restores Saitama’s will to fight.
But, it all turns out to be a dream. Nevertheless, Saitama does hear some real Subterraneans outside. They’re much smaller than in his dream, so he chases them down back underground.
Fans can also watch “One Punch Man” episode one here .

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