Watch New ‘Psycho-Pass’ Movie Trailer [VIDEO]: Akane Tsunemori Goes On A Global Mission Where The Sibyl System Seems Useless, Release Date Set For January 9

Fans of the popular anime series “Psycho-Pass” will get more than just a new episode today as an all new trailer for the “Psycho-Pass” movie is now available to view online.

The trailer, which drops some hints as to what fans can expect will happen in the movie.

Based on the dialogue in the trailer, it looks like Inspector Akane Tsunemori will be heading on a global mission, one in which the Sibyl system may be useless.

In the Anime News Network forum for the “Psycho-Pass” movie trailer, most fans are excited for the movie because they’re not so happy with the progression of season two so far.

“This looks promising and I really hope this delivers something good unlike the S2.

Love the song too,” commented Shirane Hito.

In fact, most of the comments from fans on the trailer are concerned with how the “Psycho-Pass” movie will connect with season two.

It’s currently not clear whether the film is plotted to be apart of the same universe as season one and two, but Anime News Network does report that original series writer Gen Urobuchi is credited for the script alongside writer Makoto Fukami.

Additionally, Shinya Kougami is credited as a cast member, so perhaps fans will get to see their favorite enforcer again.

The trailer for the movie is currently only in Japanese but Anime News Network has an English transcript available.

Additionally, the trailer also reveals that the official release date for the “Psycho-Pass” movie is January 9.

Reportedly, 100 theaters will premiere the film in Japan.

Since Funimation currently holds the licensing for “Psycho-Pass,” perhaps the company will release the movie for North American fans after it’s release in Japan.

Fans can watch the new “Psycho-Pass” movie trailer below.

“Psycho-Pass” season one is currently available to stream on Netflix and Funimation.

“Psycho-Pass 2” is currently airing on TV in Japan and is being simulcast for fans elsewhere by Funimation, with English subtitles.


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