WATCH ‘NCIS’ Season 12, Episode 2 Full Live Stream Online Free: ‘Kill The Messenger’ With Mark Harmon & Tony Gonzalez, CBS Start Time, Preview, Cast Spoilers & Streaming Links [VIDEO]

Tune in to CBS tonight at 8 PM (official East Coast start time) to see what will happen next on “NCIS” Season 12! Watch Episode 2, where we will see “Kill The Messenger,” using our free live stream links.

Check out an awesome preview video featuring actor Mark Harmon and guest star Tony Gonzalez, spoilers, and more below!

According to the official synopsis of “Kill The Messenger,” Episode 2 of Season 12, “A Navy lieutenant is murdered on his way to a private meeting with the President.

The NCIS team try to determine if the death was part of a recent series of muggings in the area or if it was a targeted hit to keep intelligence secrets.” Make sure you tune in to CBS tonight at 8 PM (start time) to catch all of the Season 12, Episode 2 excitement! Won’t be able to catch Episode 2 of “NCIS” Season 12 on a TV? Well, we’ve got you covered with free online live stream links! Check out a live stream of “NCIS” on this CBS free live stream channel online – click here  or here  (depending on your region, only one may be accessible) to watch Episode 2 from your computer! What should we look forward to for tonight’s episode and the rest of Season 12 featuring star Mark Harmon? Warning: spoilers ahead! According to the Star Tribune, which chooses the series premiere as one of its top picks for Tuesday night viewing, “When you shell out $275 million for one year of prime-time football, you want to get the fullest bang for your buck.

That’s why you’ll see former NFL stars make cameos on some of CBS’ biggest shows, starting with Pro Bowl veteran Tony Gonzalez on “NCIS,” all part of a network blitz to promote its Thursday night games.” Care for some spoilers? According to Inquisitr, “Former NFL player Tony Gonzalez joins the show in the role of Special Agent Tony Francis, and he’s working with Gibbs.

NCIS spoilers via TV Guide indicate that a Navy lieutenant will be murdered as he’s heading to meet with the president and now the team gets involved in the investigation.

The NCIS team will be working to determine whether the lieutenant’s death is related to muggings in the area, or whether he may have been targeted to keep intelligence secrets under wraps.

In terms of other NCIS spoilers, previews show that Abby is working with Sargeant Moore, and she appears to be a bit smitten.

It seems Moore may be a bit smitten too, as Gibbs is seen paving the way a wee bit for the two to connect.

The CBS press site shares another NCIS preview showing a fun moment between Bishop and Francis.

He’s trying to get her opinion on Gibbs, but he’s busted when Gibbs walks up behind him and hears it all.

It’s not all roses and romance in Tuesday’s episode, however.

Director Vance apparently gets some kind of “heartbreaking news” and Gibbs is seen telling him that he needs to stay positive.

Just what is going on with Vance? He’s already been through a lot and fans worry about what is transpiring now.” According to next week’s episode synopsis of “NCIS,” called “So It Goes,” there’s plenty of action and drama in the air.

TV Guide reports, “Ducky returns to London after a case reveals a connection to his estranged childhood best friend.

Agent Bishop accompanies him on the trip, and they interview his friend’s family and coworkers.

Meanwhile, Ducky recalls the choices he made in the past and the impact they’ve had on his adult life.” Episode 3 already looks very entertaining! But we’ve got more…

On the next episode (Episode 4 of “NCIS” Season 12), “Choke Hold,” there’s even more excitement on “NCIS.” In Episode 4, “The NCIS team is assigned to a joint terrorism task force by the Secretary of the Navy after a Naval research scientist is murdered and the chief suspect is wanted by the Russian government.

Gibbs and DiNozzo run interference with task force leader Leia Pendergast,” according to TV Guide.

It will certainly be interesting to see all of this play out! Check out the Season 12 “Kill The Messenger” preview video here: What else will happen tonight on “NCIS” Season 12, Episode 2? You’ll have to wait and see! Tune into CBS, or one of our free online live stream links above, to catch all the excitement of this Season 12 episode, called “Kill The Messenger!” Make sure to catch the episode on tonight at the official start time of 8 PM EST!

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