Watch Mulaney Season 1 Episode 6 Free Online Live Stream: John Mulaney Fox TV Show Doesn’t Live Up To Seinfeld, Canceling Plans Threat ‘New In Town’ Comedian

Watch ‘Mulaney’ season 1 episode 6 free online live stream here tonight! ‘Mulaney’, helmed by none other than ‘New in Town’ John Mulaney himself, has been compared to ‘Seinfeld’ many times and with tonight’s free online live stream, the show will get a third chance to prove itself worthy of prime time TV despite the canceling plans!

Watch ‘Mulaney’ season 1 episode 6 free online live stream here or here ! Fox’ newest TV show ‘Mulaney’ has a similar premise to the cult favorite ‘Seinfeld’, which probably is the reason why so many people have been comparing Jerry Seinfeld and John Mulaney.

But ‘New in Town’ comedian swears that his show is nothing like ‘Seinfeld’.

Although his show “is loosely based on his life as a stand-up comedian and intersperses stand-up sets with traditional sitcom setups revolving around his own peculiar cultural observations” (according to Daily Beast), John Mulaney is committed in making his show as original as possible.

Tune into ‘Mulaney’ season 1 episode episode 6 free online live stream tonight! According to, this episode of ‘Mulaney’ will involve some parents drama: “Jane’s romantic relationship with a marine triggers guilt pangs in John and Motif for never having served in the military, so they sign up for a USO comedy tour.

Meanwhile, Lou recalls how war and improv make for a hellish combination.” Last week’s episode also had some funny moments: “John gets a visit from his devoutly Catholic parents.

Meanwhile, Jane starts taking a certain medication to impress a guy, despite the unpleasant side effects.” Make sure to catch the season 1 episode 6 of ‘Mulaney’ free online live stream right here!

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