Watch ‘Jurassic World’ Full Trailer! Bryce Dallas Howard Endager The Lives Of Park Visitors As The ‘First Genetically Modified Hybrid’ Dinosaur Gets Loose!

The first official full trailer of “Jurassic World” is here! “The Park is Open” The long wait is over, Universal Studios has finally released the highly anticipated footage for the sequel of Steven Spielberg’s hit dinosaur-themed film in the 1990s.

Bryce Dallas Howard endager the park and all of its visitors as the “first genetically modified hybrid” dinosaur is out to hunt “anything that moves.” “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Christ Pratt on the other hand, leads the visitors to safety while hunting down the ultimately dangerous creature.

Watch “Jurassic World” full trailer below: The fourth installment to the franchise was first reportedly having its debut on either “Interstellar” or “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” as suggested by .

“Extras involved in shooting scenes with the Mosasaur reported that they were told a trailer would likely hit November,” the site reported.

According to Lawyer Herald’s  source, “I just got word that the theatrical trailer has been pushed back to debut with The Hobbit.

This is for strategic reasons and not because of any actual delay with getting it ready.

Universal is choosing to debut the Fast 7 trailer on Interstellar instead.

Whether or not they still choose to debut it online in November, I have no idea.” It was also previously reported that “Jurassic World” trailer is expected to premiere during the Super Bowl 2015, however it would be advantageous for the studio to launch the trailer on its upcoming movies.

Meanwhile, if your one of the eager fans who are dying to see a glimpse of the dinosaur themed film feast your eyes on these amazing photos and fan made teaser posted from the official site of the movie.

“Jurassic World” teaser trailer released on Saturday: The film will hit theaters on June 12, 2015 starring “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor Chris Pratt as Owen together with Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire, Jake Johnson as Lowery, Nick Robinson as Zach, Ty Simpkins as Gray, BD Wong as Dr.

Henry Wu, Irrfan Khan as Dr.

Rajesh Masrani, the owner of Masrani Corp., Omar Sy, Vincent D’Onofrio as Morton, the CFO of Masrani Corp., Judy Greer, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus as Vivian “Viv,” Brian Tee as Katashi Hamada, Andy Buckley, James DuMont and Courtney James Clark.

What do you think of the new dinosaur Kpopstarz readers? Would you want to hear more of “Jurassic World” spoilers and trailer news? Sound off in the comments section below.

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