[WATCH] ‘Is My Face Broken?’ Shocked Tourist Gets Beach Blowhole Erupt In His Face In Hilarious Video

An unsuspecting tourist peered into a beach blowhole, completely unawares that the surf was raging.

Don’t miss his shocked face when the blowhole erupts in his face in this hilarious viral video! Watch the clip below!

“Is my face broken?” the Australian tourist asks his friend as he staggers away from a beach blowhole that just erupted in his face.

His friend can’t answer – he’s too busy holding the camera and laughing.

This is a listen to us all: don’t stick your head over a blowhole with your back to the ocean.

It won’t end well.

Luckily, the tourist’s face was still intact and as far as we know, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries – except maybe a few years of his life lost with the shock he endured! The greatest thing about this video is that it replays – in slow motion.

Everything dumb is funnier in slow motion.

Watch and enjoy here!    

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