Watch GOT7 Grind and Vogue In Surprise ‘This Love’ Dance Cover

Watch GOT7 Grind and Vogue In Surprise 'This Love' Dance Cover

Watch GOT7 Grind and Vogue In Surprise 'This Love' Dance Cover

GOT7 swept up fans and television viewers in a cheering frenzy when they unleashed their sassy side for a special dance cover of “This Love” by veteran boy band Shinhwa. In a special stage for the April 28 episode of the Korean music show M! Countdown , the six boys revealed their stylized dance skills by pulling off voguing moves. Voguing is a modern house dance style that involves a lot of model-like posing and angular arm and leg movements. The boys also dove fully into the role of dancing Casanovas by dressing up pulsing red camouflage suits and black silk shirts. “For the first time in my life I was watching a performance with my mouth wide open literally. Thank god I haven’t drooled” and “I don’t know whether to call them GOT7 or HOT7,” said fans upon seeing the GOT7’s dance cover video, which now has more than 570,000 views since it was uploaded on the Mnet K-Pop YouTube channel. GOT7 is one of the more popular boy bands of the moment, having just completed a successful promotions run for their “Fly” comeback that brought them music show wins and high chart rankings. GOT7’s dance cover also brought renewed interest in the original song and choreography by Shinhwa, the same way it did when another popular boy group BTS also covered the same song in 2014
Shinhwa promoted “This Love” as a title song of their 11th album The Classic, and its music video was released May 15, 2013 with 4.7 million views so far.

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